Quadrants of Life

A blog about 'shades of life', 'food', 'travel', and 'thoughts at work'.

About Quadrants of Life

Unlike what we learnt in Math (arrrrgh!) back in school, my definition of the ‘quadrant’ is ‘facets that make up our lives’. I view our experiences, inspirations, memories, humorous moments, interests, passion, and learnings as the real quadrants of our lives.

‘Quadrants of Life’, my blog, is my attempt to tell stories about:


Shades of Life: From humor to inspirations, experiences to learnings, I hope to bring you a kaleidoscope of stories from life.

Food stories.png

Food Stories: No, it’s not going to be recipes only. My food blogs will cover family recipes, stories behind recipes, and present the Master Chefs from our families.

Travel Stories.png

Travel Stories: My attempt is to bring to you travel stories, incidents and guides.

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Thoughts @ Work: There’s so much you learn and understand at work. My blogs on work will share experiences and learnings from the world of business.

I am not going to be the only contributor. I am going to reach out to my family, my friends and you – my audience, to share your stories with me and the world. Many of my stories will be adorned by beautiful cartoons and illustrations by my husband, Rajiv Banerjee.

I hope my stories will strike a chord, somewhere.

Happy reading!

About Me:

I’m Indrani, an R&D-scientist turned blogger-content marketer-social media marketer. Having started my career developing diagnostic kits for HIV and HCV, I diversified into brand and product management, and then PR and finally content marketing, blogging and social media.

I’ve had the fortune of working with large companies like Cadila Pharma, Adfactors, WNS and Capgemini and with start-ups like Lilac Medicare (which is Tosoh India now), K2 Communications and Agate PR. Currently I work with The Information Company, a full-service content marketing and digital agency in Mumbai, India, serving some of the top-notch corporates in India with their content and social media needs. I head and manage the social media business.

Born and raised in the picturesque town of Shillong, in the North-East of India, I moved to Ahmedabad for my first job and then to Mumbai, which has been my home for 14 years almost. I live here with my family comprising my husband (an ex-journalist and now a senior communications professional with one of the largest private banks in India), my adorable seven-year-old daughter, my mum and my aunt.

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