– Dolly Ray and Indrani Banerjee

Alur Pithe has been handed down through generations in our family. This Bengali sweet is a variation of the more popular Ranga Alur Pithe (that uses sweet potato), but is equally delectable and a great substitute for the Gulab Jamun. Try it out and you’ll know why.

Ingredients (for 30 pieces approximately):

For the patty (or base)

  • Potatoes – 1 and ½ kg
  • Refined flour – 250 gm
  • Refined oil for frying – 300 ml

For the filling:

  • Khoya (semi-solid consistency) – 250 gm

For the sugar syrup:

  • Water – 1.5 litres
  • Sugar – 750 gm

Procedure for the patty (or the base):

Boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker. Allow to stand for four whistles and remove it from the fire. Drain the water completely and allow the potato to cool down.


Peel and mash the potato well to get smooth mixture. Add the flour and mix well with the potato mash.


Procedure for filling:

  1. Dissolve the khoya (dried whole milk, easily available in dairies) in hot water to get a semi-solid consistency and keep aside




Khoya in a semi-solid consistency


Procedure for the syrup:

Add the sugar and water and keep stirring till the sugar melts.


Making the pithe:

Take a small quantity of the dough/base/potato-flour mash-up make a ball and then flatten it.

Now put the khoya filling inside and wrap the patty around it.

Now flatten it to make dumplings as shown in the image.


Now heat oil in a wok and add the dumplings and fry till they are golden brown.


Remove the pithe from fire and put them into the sugar syrup to make them soft and juicy.


Garnish with grated almonds. Yummy Alur pithe is ready to eat.



This recipe was contributed by mother, Dolly Ray. Now a retired government professional, my mother has been known for her culinary skills all through her life. People in our social circles, back in Shillong, would look forward to our feasts because of the wonderful things she cooked. Watch out for her recipes in my blog.


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